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Warranty Plus, now with 4 years cover!

Kawasaki Care WarrantyPlus

Kawasaki Care WarrantyPlus

WarrantyPlus, now with 4 years cover!

Your new Kawasaki is much more than just the purchase of a high quality engineering product. It’s an investment in engineering and technology that will benefit from dedicated servicing and protection. Kawasaki CARE (K-CARE) WarrantyPlus extended warranty programme provides you with all that is needed to ensure your investment pays dividends year after year, in terms of long and reliable service. K-CARE is the easy, hassle free way to keep you going, wherever you go.

As soon as the original factory warranty ends K-CARE steps in, without you ever noticing it. It extends the warranty coverage of your machine for as many miles as you may care to travel. If a part that is covered by the plan fails due to a manufacturing defect, Kawasaki will repair or replace the part without any charge - simple as that. No surprises and no charges for labour or parts. If it’s covered it’s covered.

The cover could easily pay for itself. In the unlikely event your machine does breakdown the labour and parts cost could exceed the cost of the entire programme value.

Even better, when the time comes to sell or trade in the machine the cover is transferable to the next owner at no additional charge increasing the resale value.

To good to be true? Take a closer look at what you get.

Be assured, it will travel the distance with you.

Speak to your local Kawasaki dealer for details.

Please note that WarrantyPlus does not cover accessories, including those provided on Special Edition models. Ask your dealer for full terms and conditions. 

To register a machine that is 3 months or older please Click here

Unlimited Mileage Protection

It doesn’t matter how far you want to go or where in Europe you wish to take your Kawasaki, K-CARE has you covered.

No Claim Fees

No surprises, no hidden fees. The entire cost of covered repairs and/or parts is paid in full.

No Claim Limitations

There are no limits to the number or value of claims that can be made under the programme.

Transferable, No Fees

The cover is transferable to the next owner at no additional charge. A great selling point whether you sell your machine privately or trade it in.

Hassle-Free, No Risk Plan

Our engineers developed your machine, our factory built it and our EU wide dealer network can look after it. K-CARE is handled from start to finish exclusively by


No Added Paperwork for any Repairs.

The only thing you want to do is enjoy and ride your machine so we fill in the forms for you.

Easy application for extended coverage. Do it now.

Can anyone offer you better comprehensive extended coverage than Kawasaki - or make it simpler? We don’t think so.

Just ask your Kawasaki dealer to complete the form and registration. All it takes is one easy application.

Need time to think it over? Warranty plus is available for any road registered Kawasaki motorcycle prior to the expiry of the original cover

Peace of Mind.

Look no further. K-CARE can provide all the security you are looking for.

WarrantyPlus - Terms and Conditions

Kawasaki warrants products with extended warranty to be free of manufacturing defects for an additional 24 months from the expiry date of the original manufacturer’s warranty.

The following products can be covered for private use*only:

Street-legal Motorcycles**

* Private use - a private user is defined as “any person who is acting for purposes which are not related to his trade, business or profession”.

** Street-legal Motorcycles - only models sold as street legal by KME may be covered. Non street legal models such as, but not limited to KLX110 / KLX300 / KLX450 / KDX220 or any KX model which may have been registered for street use by private individuals or dealers cannot be covered by this warranty.

Warranty Terms and Conditions

If, within the extended warranty period, a failure occurs which is determined by Kawasaki to be caused by a manufacturing defect, Kawasaki will, at its discretion, arrange for the repair or replacement of the necessary parts at no cost to the customer. This can be carried out by any authorised Kawasaki Dealer. However, it is recommended that repairs and servicing are done by the original selling dealer who has a full history and knowledge of each product they have sold.

Note the following terms used throughout this document: ‘Kawasaki’ = Kawasaki Motors Europe N.V.

‘Dealer’ = Official Kawasaki dealer authorised for the relevant product group.

This warranty contains obligations and exclusions solely on the part of Kawasaki Motors Europe N.V. and not on the part of any dealer.

Nothing in this document shall be construed as an agency between Kawasaki and any of its authorised dealers or their staff.

Under current EU Consumer Law, customers have certain statutory rights contained within legislation governing the sale of goods to consumers (private users). This warranty does not in any way detract from or affect the statutory rights of the customer.

Please note:

This warranty is only available for and only applies to those products officially imported into the

European Union (the EU) by Kawasaki Motors Europe N.V. and sold within the EU by an authorised Kawasaki dealer. This warranty is only valid within European countries, which have official Kawasaki authorised representation for

the product(s) concerned.

Warranty Exclusions

Kawasaki will not accept responsibility if, in its sole opinion, the part or parts require repair or replacement as a direct result of:

a) Alteration from standard specification in a manner, which affects the performance, durability or safety of the product or any of its component parts or genuine Kawasaki accessories, e.g.:

i) The fitting of non-genuine Kawasaki parts or accessories, unless these are recommended or approved in writing by Kawasaki;

ii) Modifications or adjustments not recommended or approved in writing by Kawasaki.

b) The use of lubricating oils, fuel or other fluids (including cleaning materials) which are not in accordance with the recommendations contained in the owner’s manual.

c) Improper uses, improper repair (this includes fitting of non- genuine or ‘pattern’ parts), accidental or fire damage and contamination by or submergence in water.

d) Deterioration due to normal wear and tear in service. The warranty does not cover routine service adjustment or normal replacement of service items (such as oils, fluids, spark plugs and filters), or wear and tear items (such as brake and clutch friction materials, seals, drive chains or belts, tyres, and bearings).

However, such items are covered if replacement is required as a direct result of a manufacturing or material defect.

e) Any competitive racing or related use.

f) Any damage or consequential damage caused by accident or by owner’s or operator’s neglect or abuse.

g) Improper storage or deterioration from the elements.

The warranty may not apply if:

i) The periodic maintenance and servicing is not carried out by an authorised Kawasaki dealer at the appropriate intervals specified in the relevant owner’s manual. Evidence of this servicing must be produced, if requested, at the time of any warranty claim.

It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure the service history is kept up to date by the servicing dealer. This can be done in the service history record book and/or Digital Service History (DSH). It is advisable also to keep copies of any service or repair invoices in case the book is lost.

ii) Any problem experienced is not reported to a Kawasaki Dealer within a reasonable time or the motorcycle is not properly inspected by that dealer.

The owner should take all possible steps to prevent further damage as soon as any problem is apparent. Any consequential damage that is caused by the continued use of the product after a problem has been identified may not be covered by this warranty.

The warranty covers private use only. The warranty will not apply if the unit is used for any business or commercial purpose.

The following items are not covered:

• Cables

• Batteries

• Bulbs

• Accessories (including Kawasaki accessories) • Cosmetic appearance


In the event of a breakdown it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure the product is taken to an authorised Kawasaki Dealer for attention.

Kawasaki will not be responsible for recovery costs or any other costs associated with the transportation of a product to a Kawasaki Dealer.

Warranty transfer

The extended warranty plan can be transferred to subsequent private owners of the covered product at no cost. Applications can be made through any Kawasaki dealer.

Right to cancel:

The plan may be cancelled and a refund made in full at the purchaser’s request within 30 days of purchase.

An administration fee of £25 will be deducted from the refund. A refund will also be considered after the start of the extended warranty period in case of theft or total loss due to an accident. In these cases the refund will be made upon the following basis:

• Deduction of an administration fee of £25.

• Deduction of any claim amount paid under the extended warranty programme.

• Deduction of the proportional amount of the plan fee according to the number of months the extended warranty has been running.

This right to cancel is in addition to and does not in any way detract from or affect the statutory rights of the customer.

Any refunds will be made by the selling dealer after application to and approval by Kawasaki.